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Onto the West One

Western Uganda is known for many things but chiefly, being home to the tallest Mountain, Rwenzori. That 5,000 metre high mountain sets the pace for the region’s landscape, with such undulating terrain almost everywhere you turn. It also holds some of the lowest temperatures in Uganda, with the green vegetation always welcoming a beautiful sunset. With that kind of setting, you must guess what the people from the far west look like; absolutely beautiful. So in this land of mountains, sunsets, milk and honey, The Y+ campaign went searching for a King and Queen, setting camp in Kasese District.

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The weekend of 12th October had us in Uganda’s land of the Jewels, Karamoja. We had pitched camp in Moroto, widely acclaimed as the capital city of Uganda’s Northern Region, for our Northern Region of the 2019 Y+ beauty pageant. Life has thrived in Moroto for a very long time, as Archeological finding Morotopithecus, dated 20.6 million years ago can testify. Backed with its rich culture, mountainous terrain and balance between post modernism and raw Karimojong tradition, we couldn’t find a better place to isolate beauty and transitional ideas.

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